“The Full Story” of Cruise Video on 20/20

By Chris Ariens 

ABC’s 20/20 will be analyzing this week’s internet sensation, the Tom Cruise Scientology video. ABC ran a promo during prime time promising “the full story” behind the “viral video.”

Meanwhile, Huffington Post‘s Rachel Sklar writes about the weeklong morning show battle, the crux being Cruise. The Today show went big on the Cruise story, getting the most out of an Andrew Morton interview about his unauthorized biography of the actor. Meanwhile, GMA talked with Cruise’s wife Katie Holmes, but stayed away from the topic of Scientology and the book. Sklar writes:

Upshot: Exclusive Mad Money sit-down with four stars including a Diane Sawyer one-on-one with the almost-reclusive and highly inaccessible Katie Holmes? A great idea — in any week other than the week that a blockbuster secret video of Tom Cruise proselytizing for Scientology over nine mesmerizing, can’t-look-away minutes happens to tear up the web. We’re guessing the ratings will reflect it. Oh well. Better luck next time, ABC! And if you did make a deal not to mention Scientology, the book, or Katie’s marriage to the scion of the first and subject of the second, well then, serves you right.