“The First Live Network Broadcast From the South Pole”

By Alissa Krinsky Comment

A Curry.jpg In what was billed as the first live network broadcast from the South Pole, Ann Curry was on Today live this morning, in -18F temperatures, to tell viewers about her eight days of trying to get from McMurdo Station in Antarctica to the South Pole.

She said that while flying into the South Pole, visibility is so low at times that her pilot described it as “like flying through a ping-pong ball”. Curry relayed “what a feeling” it was “coming off the plane” and arriving at her destination.

But when is she coming home? After all, there have not been flights out, to New Zealand, in several days. “Hopefully it won’t be as hard to get home as it was to get to the South Pole. We actually don’t know. It’s possible we’ll have to wait until Sunday.”