The Evening Ticker: CNBC Alarm Clock, New Costas Show, Zakaria Special

By Alex Weprin 

  • CNBC has released a new app for Apple and Android devices. The app, the CNBC Alarm Clock, lets users wake up to the voice of CNBC anchors or hosts (like the soothing Jim Cramer), and immediately get the latest financial information. More info on the app after the jump.

  • On Sunday evening, CNN will air a special edition of “Fareed Zakaria GPS” dubbed “Memo to the President.” The special will feature a number of prominent officials, like Mayor Michael Bloomberg, James Baker and Kay Bailey Huthinson offering advice and guidance to the President in advance of his second term.

  • Bob Costas is getting a new show, “Costas at the Movies,” on MLB Network. The series will feature Costas hosting in-depth interviews with actors and directors about baseball in film. After each episode, MLB network will air the film discussed. Tommy Lee Jones and Penny Marshall are among those appearing.




Englewood Cliffs, NJ, Thursday, January 10 – Time is money. Now, with the launch of the new CNBC Alarm Clock App, there is no faster way to get your business news bearings first thing in the morning.

The CNBC Alarm Clock is an informative and entertaining free app that allows users to select the voice of their favorite CNBC anchor to help them wake up each day and, depending on what time they rise and shine, hear the latest premarket or market data. With a simple swipe, current business news headlines, top CNBC video clips and all the real-time market data is right at their fingertips. The Alarm Clock App also enables users to set alerts to remind them when the business news leaders they want to see are on CNBC.

“We are excited to introduce the CNBC Alarm Clock App,” said Kevin Krim, Senior Vice President and General Manager, CNBC Digital. “It is a unique and creative tool for users and marks the first time that we have integrated key features from CNBC programming, NBC News and The Weather Channel in to one of our digital products.”

Key CNBC Alarm Clock App features include:

-Over twenty-five alarm sounds to choose from – everything from a traditional alarm clock and a rooster’s crow to the opening bell and the roar of a bull or a bear

-The option to select the voice of any CNBC anchor to wake you up and provide the status of the S&P 500 or S&P Futures

-Programmable calendar alerts reminding you to tune in to CNBC when key business leaders or executives are scheduled to appear

-Ability to personalize alarm settings for certain days of the week or set multiple alarms and arrange desired snooze length

-Localized weather conditions including current temperature and the daily high & low courtesy of The Weather Channel

-Swipe through panels that provide:

S&P 500 or S&P Futures Market Data
CNBC Market Update
CNBC Top News
Upcoming Guests on CNBC’s Business Day Programming
Top Video Clips from
Top Stories from NBC News

“Whether you are a CNBC devotee or just looking for a fun new way to start your day, the CNBC Alarm Clock App is a great way to get up, get informed and get going,” said Scott Boyarsky, Vice President, Product Development & User Experience, CNBC Digital.

The CNBC Alarm Clock App is currently available for download on both iTunes and Google Play. The App will be available on Blackberry 10 in the coming months.

Click here to see the CNBC Alarm Clock App promo.