The Critics Opine On HLN Changes

By Brian 

In the Kansas City Star, Aaron Barnhart says the new graphics on CNN Headline News are terrible: “I liked the old graphics, but they’ve shrunk the type and replaced the headline display with the CNN ticker. Instead of staying put, the letters now march across the screen. CNN might as well kiss goodbye the thousands of gyms that show Headline News to treadmillers. The new graphics will give them motion sickness.”
> David Kronke: “Showbiz Tonight is TV’s equivalent of cotton candy — fluffy and forgettable.”
> Robert Feder: “Just about the only good thing to come out of all the changes at CNN Headline News lately is the addition of an hour to Robin Meade’s morning show. The expanded “Robin & Company” now airs from 5 to 9 a.m. weekdays.”