The Business of Glenn Beck

By Chris Ariens 

In his story on today’s “Restoring Honor” event, the AP’s David Bauder writes about how the rally is a natural extension of the Glenn Beck brand.

He was already the fifth most-listened-to radio talk show host when he moved to Fox, and he’s since vaulted to third “with a bullet” behind Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, says Michael Harrison, publisher of the trade publication Talkers.

More than his rivals, Beck has led the way in turning himself into a multifaceted brand. Besides the radio and TV shows, he goes on concert tours, he write books, he sells fans access to an “Insider” account for $74.95 a year and he sells his own advertising on his website.

“He’s a model for a 21st century talk show host and businessman,” Harrison said.

On his website, Beck offers access to “Beck University,” a series of lectures. He sells hoodies touting his “9.12 Project,” an attempt to recreate the national unity of the day following the terrorist attacks. He sells copies of his own Fusion magazine, so named for the “fusion of entertainment and enlightenment” that he calls his shows.

Related: On the eve of the rally, Beck went on Joe Madison’s radio show where Madison pressed Beck about Beck calling Pres. Obama a racist. “It was a stupid comment off the top of my head — an ignorant comment.”