“The Blowhardy Honors”

By Brian 

In today’s ShopTalk, John Corcoran presents the “highly coveted” Blowhardy Honors for Hurricane Rita coverage:

> Jon Bon Jovi Hairdo Award: To CBS’s John “Not the Justice” Roberts, who anchored outside and looked almost Au Natural without his trademarked, perfectly coiffed hair. Roberts apparently lost his Mousser and had to comb himself with a borrowed salad shooter.

> Tucker Appleseed Award: To MSNBC’s Tucker Carlson. While anchoring, he warned a not-smart-enough-to-get-out-of-the-rain reporter that the trees he was standing between might pose a danger to him. No more than a minute later, a huge branch split from one of the trees and was shown lying where the reporter had been. Fortunately he’d taken Tuck’s advice and moved.

> The North Face Irony Award: Two winners. Fox, the Red State network, which had it’s drenched reporters sporting blue company raingear, and CNN, a Blue State fav, which opted for bright red rainwear.

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