The “Big Bang” Of Media

By Brian 

Forget documentaries and HBO: Tom Brokaw and Ted Koppel should be political analysts. They demonstrated a mastery of the subjects on Sunday’s Meet the Press; check out the transcript and the Netcast.

At the end, Tim Russert asked Brokaw where the media’s going:

“The new universe of the blog and the Internet is a–is the new frontier. It’s–I liken it to the Oklahoma land rush. I mean, everybody’s rushing across this new landscape, hoping that they’re gonna land on a pot of oil somewhere, and it’s, you know, unknowable now about how it’s all gonna play out. If you think of the changes in just the last five years, and the Internet alone, blogs were little-known five years ago. And now they’re a powerful new instrument in the exchanging of information, propaganda, commentary on what’s going on. We do a lot of it at NBC now. I liken what we’re going through to the big bang. We’ve created a new universe. There are a lot of new planets out there and which ones are the brightest, which ones are gonna survive, which ones can support life, we’re finding out, and working our way through it. So it’s a profound change that I don’t think even these two old-timers sitting next to you could have anticipated when we were young reporters about what would be possible.”