The Anatomy of A False Rumor

By Noah Davis 

January 31 is always a crazy day in the soccer world because the transfer market closes in England and a number of other countries. (Essentially, it’s the last opportunity for players to move to those leagues until the summer.)

Monday was no different, with action taking place right up until the midnight GMT deadline. One of the players involved was United States star forward Jozy Altidore.

The 20-year old landed in Turkey, but it wasn’t without a bit of shoddy reporting.

The Associated Press posted a story saying the young American forward was headed to Spanish club Levante. The AP’s story was incorrect, and they’ve since posted a retraction.

So where did the AP get the news?Well, not exactly the most reliable sources.

“For those wondering, The Associated Press cited a TWEET (wow) from the (unverified) La Liga Twitter account, which has since retracted it,” Soccer By Ives’ Ives Galarcep tweeted.

Not the AP’s finest day.