The A.M. Ticker: Carney, Scaramucci, Goldston

By Chris Ariens 

  • During his first night as a CNN analyst, former White House press secretary Jay Carney got into it with Sen. John McCain. “You, in your role as a spokesperson, bragged about the fact that the last American combat troop had left Iraq,” said Mccain to Carney. “If we had left a residual force the situation would not be what it is today.”

  • Anthony Scaramucci made his first appearance as a Fox Business contributor. As we first reported in July, Scaramucci has made the jump to FBN from CNBC, where he’s been a contributor for four years.

  • ABC News President James Goldston and Fusion CEO Isaac Lee will come together for a conversation about the growing impact of Hispanic millennials on the TV industry at the 12th annual Hispanic Television Summit October 3.