Thanksgiving Dinners For NBC Staffers In Washington, New Orleans, Baghdad…

By Brian 

NBC News senior producer Gena Fitzgerald tells readers how NBC staffers are celebrating Thanksgiving:

“The NBC News Washington bureau will have the catered turkey dinner served in our cafeteria. Most of us eat at our desk, and hope for a few uninterrupted minutes to eat. Our hardworking colleagues in New Orleans will also be dining in their newsroom: pineapple ham, mashed potatoes with creole gravy and green bean casserole.

And in Baghdad, where it’s really never a holiday, they once again prove how resourceful they are. Our besieged bureau will gather together at a makeshift smoker and cook their own Thanksgiving dinner, perhaps some chickens. Jim Maceda and his team spent the day with the Third Infantry Division, and shared part of their Thanksgiving meal.

Our White House folks with the President in Crawford plan to enjoy the repast at Cricket’s Grill in Waco. Believe me, from experience, I can tell you never get in the way of a hungry White House press corps.”