Ted Turner Wants More International On CNN/U.S.

By Brian 

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Ted Turner spent two segments talking about CNN on Tuesday’s Wolf Blitzer Reports. Turner said his proudest CNN moment was “Baghdad in ’91.” He noted that leaving CNN was “not by my choice. If I had my choice, I still would be here. I love CNN, and always will, and there’s a very fond place in my heart for it.”

Turner said CNN “looks very good now.” Except: “The only thing that I regret is I’d like to see more international coverage on the domestic feed. It’s very good on CNN International.” Blitzer noted that the “Your World Today” simulcast will begin Monday at noon…

> Update: 11:45am: Turner made similar comments at the conference on Wednesday morning. “I see CNNI a lot, because I’m out of the country quite a bit, and I think it’s doing quite well. Here in the US on the domestic feed…I think we’re perhaps underreporting on the environment and on international news on the domestic feed. I know it’s always been a problem because those aren’t the same kind of ratings-grabbers that Michael Jackson and all the pervert of the day that we seem to be carrying more and more of. That’s the only main suggestion that I would have.”