Ted Koppel Didn’t Talk To CNN, FNC Or MSNBC About A Job…

By Brian 

“Our challenge here at Discovery is to do nothing but the great shows,” Ted Koppel told the Associated Press following today’s announcement of his documentary deal with the network.. “Will we succeed at that? I don’t know. But that is our goal.”

Quoting the AP: “Koppel said he didn’t talk to CNN, Fox News Channel or MSNBC about a job because he couldn’t see any of them — like the broadcast networks — agreeing to set aside a night of prime-time programming for a documentary and town hall-style meeting on a topic.

The cable news networks seem preoccupied with ‘a desperate race to be first with the obvious,’ he said, and pay more attention to what is recent rather than what is important.

CNN does some solid documentaries, ‘but they tend to bury them,’ said Koppel, whose daughter, Andrea, is a CNN correspondent.”