Tech Meltdown on CBS Evening News

By Brian 

What happened on the first feed of the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric tonight?

First there was “bad tape and audio on an Elizabeth Palmer report from Baghdad,” an e-mailer says. “Then there was no audio on the final kicker piece, which was supposed to start a series on ‘Giving.'”

Couric apologized for the audio problems and signed off prematurely. “They had to get off the air four minutes early,” another e-mailer said. CBS showed Couric standing on the set while theme music played and credits rolled. (“One got the feeling that heads were going to roll, too,” a third e-mailer remarked.) The net cut to teases, then came back to Couric, still awkwardly standing on the set. “I’m sure she wasn’t happy,” the first e-mailer said.

> Update: 8:42pm: “Couric handled the situation like a total pro, and, as always, was calm, cool and composed,” an e-mailer says…