Table For Two At Happy Hour?

By Chris Ariens 

A day after CNBC told TVNewser the network was launching a segment called Happy Hour as part of Fast Money, comes word that Fox Business Network has, for months, been developing a show called… you guessed it, Happy Hour.

Today on FNC’s Your World, Neil Cavuto talked about the timing: “You’ll be amazed what you can pick up at a bar, lots of gossip, lots of good stuff, and if our friends across the Hudson River at that other financial network are any indication, apparently lots of shameless ways to copy exactly what we’re doing.”

Cavuto then gave viewers a glimpse of the FBN program co-hosted by Rebecca Gomez and Cody Willard. Willard said the show will “wed Main Street with Wall Street.” (Seems to be a recurring theme) The two talked about today’s jobs report and the ongoing housing slump while taking a dig at the CNBC idea. Gomez: “if that’s their version of happy hour, that’s pretty boring. You’re gonna much rather come and have happy hour with us.”

Cavuto signed off his happy hour by saying, “finally a network that covers business for the rest of us.”

>More from an emailer: “CNBC used to do this in the late 90’s every Friday. It was some of the most painful TV I have ever seen. Traders do not like having microphones shoved in their faces when they are pounding scotch and hiding from their wives.”

>More, More from a CNBC insider: “The concept for having Fast Money originate a segment from a bar has been around since the show was first created. With Fast Money moving to a live broadcast at 5 PM, the segment made perfect sense.”