Suze Orman on Why She Ended CNBC Show

By Brian Flood Comment

Suze Orman penned a column for LinkedIn describing why she quit CNBC her show, which wraps on March 28 at 9pmET.

The professional network has a new series in which employees tell the story of how they quit their respective job, detailing both the “right” and “wrong” ways to leave a job. Orman announced she was leaving CNBC after 14 years back in November, but her boss knew months before the decision went public.

On February 20th, 2014, KT (my spouse, Kathy Travis) and I walked into the office of CNBC President Mark Hoffman and we told him it was time to wind down my show. Was it hard to do? You bet it was. Over the last year my mind kept saying, “Suze, just keep doing what you have always done. Don’t change now; stay with what you know.” But my heart knew it was time for me to go. By taking the initiative to recognize I needed to move on, I have had the great experience of leaving without regret or acrimony.

Orman went on to offer advice to anyone looking for a career change:

I can think of no more important career advice than to listen to your gut and to own the power to control your future. If you hate your job, that’s on you. Yes, your boss may be a jerk, and the atmosphere toxic. And you can’t give notice next week because there are bills to pay. I get it. But that is not an excuse to stay there forever. You must move on. Maybe it may take months or a year to figure out your next stage, and your next job. What matters is that you are not resigning yourself to a less than ideal situation. Can you do it? Well, the truth is if you want to be happy, really happy, you must do it.