Suspect Says Geraldo Coached Him, Geraldo Fires Back

By Chris Ariens 

HuffPo‘s Katherine Thomson has the write-up and clip from this morning’s Today show in which Drew Peterson, the man accused in the disappearance of his wife, claims FNC’s Geraldo Rivera coached him during an interview over the weekend.

“He asked me to tell my story, and as I tell my story he says, ‘Well, say it like this, say it like this.’ Everything he said wasn’t even my words.”

Rivera responded to Peterson’s claims on FNC’s Big Story this afternoon: “It’s as absurd as his plea for Stacy, wife #4 to come home, and his claim that Kathleen Savio, wife #3 drowned in the empty bathtub…He said ‘write this, don’t write that’…it’s just absurd”

>More, an official statement from Geraldo Rivera: “Drew Peterson said every word in his statement as reported, which was reread to him to ensure accuracy. He said what he said. The ‘tightening noose’ and ‘circling wagons’ are my assessment of his current situation, as I made clear in my various reports.”