Sunday Show Preview

By Chris Ariens 

Resignations (Gonzales, Craig, Snow) and proclamations (Thompson) will dominate tomorrow’s Sunday shows.

• Fox News Sunday: Sen. Patrick Leahy and Sen. Arlen Specter will talk about what’s next for the Justice Department in the wake of the resignation of Atty. General Alberto Gonzales. Also, Counselor to the President, Ed Gillespie will be a guest.

• This Week with George Stephanopolous: Sen. John Ensign and Sen. Chuck Schumer will talk about their party’s chances in ’08.

• Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer: Politics and Iraq are on the agenda. Sen. Lindsey Graham will guest. Schieffer will also debrief Evening News anchor Katie Couric (or will Couric debrief Schieffer?) who is reporting from Baghdad.

• Meet the Press with Tim Russert: punditpalooza with Democratic stragetists James Carville and Bob Shrum and Republican strategists Mary Matalin and Mike Murphy.

BTW, last Sunday’s Meet the Press had it’s “best total viewer delivery since May 20, 2007,” according to an NBC press release. It topped CBS by 40%, ABC by 50% and Fox by 173% in total viewers.