Steve & Olaf: This Is “A Really Good Excuse Not To Do Any More Live Shots”

By Brian 

Above, Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig hug family members yesterday. has the full transcript of Greta Van Susteren‘s Tuesday night interview with the two kidnapped journalists. Here’s an excerpt:

 WIIG: I tried to call out to Steve… and say, you know, Steve, are you there? And I get no reply, but I get a boot on top of my face just to remind me that…

S. CENTANNI: Shut up!

WIIG: … we’re there and not to talk anymore.

VAN SUSTEREN: So you couldn’t see each other enough even if each other was alive?


S. CENTANNI: No. But after the generator stopped, we knew we were together because I said, Olaf, are you there? And he said, yes — not happy. But he said, I hurt all over, or something like that. But we knew there were guys watching us, so we couldn’t talk too much because they’d go, Shhh, and if we tried to sit up against the concrete wall to ease the tension on the shoulder and wrists, the plastic ties digging into your skin, they would let you sit there for a couple minutes and then push you back down again, face down on the cement floor.

WIIG: I tried to sort of lighten the situation by…


WIIG: … by suggesting to Steve that this was a really good excuse not to do any more live shots that evening.

S. CENTANNI: No more live shots today.

WIIG: Yes, got off of the rest of our rotation.

“Greta should repeat this interview this weekend sometime,” an e-mailer says, calling it an “incredible interview…”