Steve & Olaf: Shep Recaps “Horrible Reality”

By Brian 

After interviewing Steve Centanni by phone, Shep Smith eloquently summed up the situation:

  “Thank you very much. Steve Centanni — our national correspondent. Released from captivity after being kidnapped on the 14th of August. Very painful to hear what it was they were going through. I know that many of our viewers – just as we have – thought about what the last two weeks were like for these men.

Steve describing gunmen coming to the door of their vehicle as they were just across from Palestinian security headquarters. Men with hoods and guns and pressing a pistol to their sides, putting a hood over their heads, throwing them in the back of a Toyota and taking them to a warehouse.

A horrible reality for two men who were at that particular place on that particular day to tell the story of the Palestinian people in a very complicated world amid a very complicated story. Where Steve Centanni, probably better than anyone, understands that this story is one of shades of gray, not of black and white. That there are truths to be told on both sides of the conflict. And Steve Centanni, as he just said so eloquently there.

Imagine in the moments after being released from captivity, with the where with all and the remembrance of the respect for the Muslim religion that he professes. And being very careful not to disparage the Palestinian people as it was made perfectly clear by the Palestinians that it was time for Steve Centanni to be released.

Steve Centanni on the line with us from our Jerusalem bureau. I believe he is free and safe and he is well.”