Steve Harrigan In Bolivia

By Brian 

Steve Harrigan‘s conversation with a colleague prior to arriving in Bolivia:

“You’re gonna be a giant there.”


“They’re short because of the altitude.”

“Yeah. So where do we fly?”

“We fly into Santa Cruz, then catch a flight to Cochabamba.”

“Then we have to drive?”

“Yeah. Then we drive to Chapare.”

“I bet it’s a nice paved road.”

“Yeah. He said it’s four-wheeled drive. That’s why I’m bringing two vehicles.”

“That’s a brutal itinerary.”

“You’re traveling light.”


“You didn’t bring any…”


“Did you bring a gas mask?”


“F that. Just give me an f-ing wet towel.”

“If you get gassed at that altitude you’re gonna go down.”

“If I go down just make sure you roll on it.”