Steve and Peter Doocy Have Both Contracted the Coronavirus

By A.J. Katz 

Another morning show host disclosed a positive Covid diagnosis on Thursday: Fox & Friends’ Steve Doocy.

“We [the Doocy family] gathered together [for the holidays] as a family … a lot of people trade gifts. We traded Omicron,” said Doocy, who added that his wife and son, Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy, all contracted the coronavirus.

“The tell was … what Omicron does is … remember Delta [variant] hits you in the chest. Omicron hits you right in the throat,” said Doocy. “I wound up calling my ENT doctor and he said, ‘you probably have Omicron.’ So, they did some tests, and sure enough, after waiting in line 5 hours, they said, ‘you know what? You’ve got Omicron.”

Doocy was back on-air today, broadcasting remotely, and said that Peter Doocy will return to the White House to cover the administration, “I think, on Monday.”