Stephen Colbert Shaves Beard, Mocks NBC’s Chuck Todd as Late Show Launch Nears

By Mark Joyella 

In a video released on the brand-new website and social media accounts for CBS’ post-Letterman Late Show, Stephen Colbert shaves off the beard–dubbed the ‘Colbeard’–that he’s grown since leaving Comedy Central.

“So, what have you guys been doing? Me, I’ve been busy. I didn’t lose the weight–that’s a plot twist I didn’t expect,” Colbert says. “And you may have noticed, during my time off I adopted a beard that I found by the highway.”

With Late Show with Stephen Colbert set to debut September 8, Colbert says he’s under orders from CBS to shave. “I need to find a new look for the new show. What would I look like with a mustache, or a Van Dyke, or whatever Chuck Todd calls that thing that’s swimming around his mouth.”