Stephen Colbert Hosts Live Late Shows on Debate Nights

By Chris Ariens 

Coming off two weeks of live episodes during the political conventions, it was just announced that Stephen Colbert will also host live Late Shows following two of the three presidential debates and the one vice presidential debate.

The late night CBS show will air live Monday, Sept. 26, Tuesday, Oct. 4 and Wednesday, Oct. 19 about an hour after the debates conclude (in the eastern and central time zones). Colbert will host each night from the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York.

On Tuesday, Donald Trump said he will participate in the three debates, but had reservations about some of the logistics, including who might moderate. The Commission on Presidential Debates should be announcing the moderators soon.

The primary debates, specifically the ones involving Trump, were ratings hits on TV. The first GOP debate on Fox News drew 24 million viewers, while the second on CNN drew 22.9 million. The first democratic debate on CNN drew 15.8 million and the second on CBS drew 8.5 million.