Stahl and Maddow Talk “Congenial” Hosting, “Real Balance”

By SteveK has a lengthy Q&A between Lesley Stahl and Rachel Maddow, in which the 60 Minutes anchor interviews the MSNBC host about a variety of issues.

First, since Maddow says she doesn’t watch 60 Minutes, Stahl asks if she knows “who the hell I am.” “I’ve Googled you extensively,” says Maddow.

She also describes the tone of her show, and why she likes to be a “congenial host,” even to those she disagrees with. “I think I have the same amount of anger as everybody else,” she says. “I just don’t think it’s my best side and so I don’t try to show it very much in public.”

She and Maddow have a back-and-forth over whether Chris Matthews can be considered a “liberal.” Maddow’s conclusion: “If Chris Matthews had an Air America radio show, he’d get torn apart by our listeners.”

Click continued to see what Maddow thinks is “real balance” on cable news…

I’m not saying that my show is real balance. But I think that the idea of fake balance is worse than not trying to be balanced at all. And what I mean by fake balance is to take any given political or factual issue, a news issue, and to approach it as if there’s a yes and no, pro and con, left and right take on it. On the issue of global warming, for example, that is something that interest groups on one side, as a political issue, tried to make that there was a real debate about the facts. And there really wasn’t a debate about the facts there. And to have a debate about the facts was sort of, at its root, dishonest, because it’s scientific information and, you know, fighting about the interpretation of what we ought to do about it them and whether or not the science is important and all of those things, absolutely fine. Fighting about whether or not we agree with the facts is an argument that is designed to reframe, and for the benefit of one interest group.