“Squawk Blog” Connects Viewers & Talent

By Brian 

CNBC’s Mark Haines, David Faber, Joe Kernen, Steve Liesman and Becky Quick now have a blog of their own. Squawk Blog launched quietly last week on the MSN Spaces blog site. Squawk Box senior producer Matt Quayle tells TVNewser that the blog relates to his efforts to return Squawk to its roots as the “ultimate pro investor talk show.”

“It’s like The Today Show for business — it’s a morning show for business news junkies and investors, and it’s the show of record — it used to be for many many years — and I want to return it to that,” he said. “Getting to know the personalities on the show is a very important aspect of that.”

All the hosts ave blogged — and talked it up on the TV show afterwards: Quick has blogged about mutual funds, Faber has written about hedge funds, Kernen has weighed in on biotech news, and Haines and Liesman have blogged about the Preakness. “It’s only been a week, but I think it’s going pretty well,” Quayle said. The goal is interactivity: “To give the viewers more access to what i think is the best aspect of the show, which is the talent.” The blog even includes photos (like the one above). Here’s the Squawk…