Sports Radio Host Ben Maller Drops 200 Pounds

By Cam Martin 

Fox Sports Radio host Ben Maller, who is also well-known in the blogosphere for his rumors report, has penned a story on that details his 200-pound weight loss over the last 62 weeks. Illness was not a driving factor in his dramatic weight loss, nor was lap-band surgery. Rather Maller opted for the often overlooked route of “eat less, exercise more,” which means he actually earned it.

Originally the plan was to work out for half an hour a day, for one year, to see how much weight could be lost. That slowly turned into a lifestyle change that now has me at the gym for over an hour most days.

Without giving all my secrets away, I’ve worked out 99.5 percent of the time (438-of-440 possible days), managing to lose an average of 3.2 pounds over the 62 weeks.

Much of the weight loss has been even more dramatic than that, coming over the past six months.

Normally you’ll find me at the gym late at night, when the pretty people are sleeping. After getting off the radio at 3 a.m. in Los Angeles, I’m in the gym by 3:30 a.m.

In addition to loads of exercise, I also made some critical diet changes. Stopped drinking soda, cut back on my junk food, added fruit to my diet. Better food choices have helped pay off.

Congrats to Maller, who notes that “Jerry Rice won three Super Bowl rings with the 49ers weighing 200 pounds. That’s what I had on my back all these years.”