Spitzer Nemesis Begins the Cable Rounds

By SteveK 

In his first of what surely will be many national television interviews after the Eliot Spitzer resignation, New York Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno was interviewed today on FNC today. Bruno was a presence on the cablers earlier today when he held a press conference after the resignation was announced.

America’s Election HQ co-anchor Bill Hemmer conducted the interview, in which Bruno took the opportunity to take a few shots at the soon-to-be-ex-governor.

Hemmer asked Bruno about his relationship with Spitzer, which has been very publicly contentious. “It was not productive. I tried in every way I could from January and February of last year to get along with him, talk with him, like a Dutch uncle,” Bruno said. “I’ve been around for some years, he was new, and I said, ‘you’ve got to be a CEO, you’ve got to learn to govern, you can’t be a prosecutor, you can’t step all over people. He then comes out and says that he’s an eff’en steamroller, he’s going to crush anyone that stands in his way, starting with me.”

Bruno also revealed he talked to Spitzer for the first time last week since July.