Spilling Even More Ink On Katie Couric

By Brian 

A sample of the morning papers:

> USA Today watches the evening newscasts and compares NBC, ABC, and CBS. “In general, Couric’s broadcasts have been different — but not night-and-day — from the newscast that she inherited from Bob Schieffer…”

> Associated Press: “The changes are most noticeable in the story count. While the third and fourth biggest stories of the day usually merit a correspondent’s report on ABC and NBC, Couric will frequently breeze through a sentence or two and direct viewers to the CBS News Web site for further details…”

> Mary Winter in the Rocky Mtn. News: “Too much wrapping and too little gift…”

> Lee Benson in the Deseret News: “The commotion surrounding her debut… is verification that more than anywhere on Earth, Americans still care who’s reading the news…”

> Kevin Cowherd in the Baltimore Sun: “But in the midst of this relentless examination of Couric in her new job, the question must be asked: Who actually cares about all this stuff?…”