SOTU: Who Was The Pool Director?, Part 2

By Brian 

Following up on yesterday’s complaints about the pool director for the State of the Union, here are a few comments from e-mailers:

> “There was no AD count on the bridge so the other nets could not font/chyron the various dignitaries,” an insider says. “There was a high-priced jib but you couldn’t tell. The director made a muti-camera event looked like cable access.”

> “Your director comment is pretty unfair,” an e-mailer says. “First off, this isn’t a high-priced TV anchor, he doesn’t deserve to be talked about like that. Second off, he’s an excellent director who does a lot of CNN shows, and is one of the best directors around.”

> “Another thing that would have been great but didn’t happen: When Bush was talking about ethics, they could’ve shown Delay/Frist…that reaction could have been the shot of the night! I agree with the other emailer about the disastrous pool director.”

> “I have a feeling many of the critics of the pool feed of the SOTU are just CNN bashers. The complaints sound oh so familiar and boring. It was far from perfect, but I assume they could do better if they weren’t sitting at their market 129 assignment desks.”

> “As Frank Rich just pointed out on Imus, when the president mentioned Hamas, the shots went to every Jew in the audience the photographer could find…Schumer, Feingold…”