Soledad O’Brien on the New Direction of CNN’s ‘In America’

By kevin 

TVNewser stopped by the screening last night of CNN’s new documentary hosted by Soledad O’Brien titled “Gary and Tony Have a Baby” (June 24, 8pmET). It’s the latest from the “In America” department and represents a different direction for the series.

The story follows a gay, NYC couple — Gary and Tony, who were in attendance — throughout the process of adopting a child via surrogate.

The intense and dramatic trailer for the doc that you may have seen belies the nature of the film, which is actually light and full of very funny moments that were not lost on the attendees. CNN appears to have lucked out with the personalities and characters that populate the story, something O’Brien admitted to us.

The film was very well received by the large crowd that turned out at the Paley Center for Media in Manhattan. After the GLAAD co-sponsored screening, many audience members thanked Soledad during a Q&A for “telling their story.”

Some wondered if any advertisers did not want to be associated with the project. “My understanding is that nobody’s pulled out and that there are advertisers who’ve said, ‘I want to be included,'” O’Brien said. “But I will tell you that from my perspective, I never worry about that. My job is the story.”

TVNewser spoke with O’Brien before the screening about how the “In America” unit has changed as well as about the film and the potential controversies that surround it. Video: