Soledad O’Brien on Her Career, CNN’s Primetime Changes

By kevin 

In Part II of our Media Beat interview with Soledad O’Brien, the CNN anchor tells us how her unique heritage has given her a rare perspective on the issues of race that she often covers. We also found out how she initially moved from a producer at NBC to on-air talent.

O’Brien — who was a weekend “Today” show anchor and an anchor on CNN’s “American Morning” — now mostly concentrates on documentaries. “I do miss the every day and where I sort of get my fix of that is whenever there’s breaking news, I usually travel for it,” she tells us. “But there are some very nice things about a schedule where you can actually schedule interviews.”

We also asked about CNN’s changes in primetime: Larry King’s retirement from “Larry King Live” and Eliot Spitzer’s new debate program. “I think that the nature of cable is change,” she says. “I guess I don’t worry about it because I’m not in the thick of it every day.” Check out the full interview below:

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