So You Think You Can Be a TV News ‘Expert’

By Guest 

Finding the right “expert” to sit on a panel is never an easy task. Ask producers, bookers, assignment editors even reporters who set up their own stories daily. Even in New York City, arguably the ‘home’ to every expert imaginable, it can be tough. Why? It’s about more than just knowing about your specialty – professionals and so-called “experts” need to present their knowledge in a compelling, interesting and entertaining way because… it’s TV after all!

“How do I get on TV? Add value. Be pointed, sticky and consistent and oh, have an audience,” Hank Norman, Founding-Partner of 2 Market Media, posted on Twitter to his 4,000+ followers.

“Producers, bookers and agents are constantly searching the web and reading blogs to find fresh faces,” said Stephanie Tsoflias-Siegel, a New York TV reporter, Mediabistro TV News Reporting Instructor and the Founder of Reel Reporting. “It’s why we decided to go to the source, ask the executives what they’re looking for. TV people need new talent. The experts want to get on TV. We’ve decide to host a workshop that will benefit all parties.”

Reel Reporting is hosting its first TV Expert event May 16 in New York City. “Become a TV Expert: How to Pitch and Perform on Network News” will feature a panel of network bookers and producers, agents and publicists who will dish the ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ of getting on TV. Professionals will also walk away with a sizzle reel.