So, Who Did Replace Alan Keyes on MSNBC?

By Chris Ariens 

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Thanks for all the emails related to this item from yesterday. And I think we have a winner. First…here are some of the guesses:

Didn’t “Donahue” replace Alan Keyes‘ show?

Did Deborah Norville replace Alan Keyes?

I work at MSNBC and I don’t remember! I probably worked on it and I don’t remember.

Hardball replaced Alan Keyes, I think.

This is pathetic but even I can’t remember what replaced “Alan Keyes Is Making Sense,” and I was the EP.

Making Sense was replaced by Scarborough Country, at least according to Wikipedia.

The show that replaced “Keyes” … was it a Banfield program at 10pm? “War In Afghanistan” or something?

Phil Donahue, perhaps

All great guesses… but I think this anonymous emailer has it right:

According to an old World Net Daily article, Alan Keyes Is Making Sense was replaced at 10:00 with “Ashleigh Banfield on Location,” which moved from 9:00. Hardball moved from 8:00 to 9:00 and Phil Donahue took over at 8:00 a couple of weeks later.”

So there’s your answer. Next time on ‘Name That MSNBC Show’: Whatever happened to Jesse Ventura?