So, What’s Your Favorite News Channel?

By Chris Ariens 

Sometimes our readers drop us notes in the tipbox. Usually we don’t find the need to share them with you. But we thought we would with this one from an emailer named “mom” catherine.

Just a little insight for you…..I NEVER watch anything having to do with NBC or affiliates, CBS, or ABC if I can help it. FoxNews is where my tv turns on to on every tv in our house. They offer the “complete” message on each event. They don’t try to “sugarcoat” events with feel-good tones. They attempt to inform their audience with REAL facts. Who really cares about the prevaricating, old-time newsrooms of the past. They are incompetent in their ability to scratch out the real solid facts!

So, “mom” catherine has had her say. What say you?

Where do you get your TV news?Market Research