So the US Open Online Is Wonderful

By Noah Davis 

So, because I’m a blogger, I’m in a coffeeshop. An hour ago, a friend emailed me: “The Bagh-man is about to try to break Clement’s serve. Tune in!” Translation: Marcos Baghdatis – the most exciting, charismatic tennis player no one has ever heard of – is in a battle. And there’s nothing better than a Baghdatis dogfight. Appointment viewing. But where? I have a prime seat by the window. I’m not giving that up.


For the first time, the site is streaming all televised matches online. It’s amazing. Beautiful, high-def broadcasts, snagged straight from the TV feeds.

Of all the sports racing to steam their events, the US Open is one of the best. (March Madness is another one of the highlights.) The most important tennis tournament in the world goes above and beyond (or through the legs) when it comes to taking advantage of technology.

Best of all, you don’t have to battle the Queens heat.

(The Bagh-man lost. Now if only they would stream his press conferences.)