‘Skyscraper Live’ is Discovery’s Most Watched Telecast of 2014

By Brian Flood 

WallendaChicagoNik Wallenda made history on Sunday after successfully crossing between two Chicago skyscrapers on a tightrope. “Skyscraper Live,” produced by NBC’s Peacock Productions, and airing on Discovery Channel peaked at 6.7 million viewers, making it Discovery’s most-watched telecast of 2014.

On the “Today” show Monday, Wallenda talked about his next feat: 

“I’m working on re-creating my great-grandfather’s greatest walk, which was over Tallulah Gorge, Georgia – 600 feet high, 1,000 feet long,” Wallenda said. “He did two headstands on the wire. I’ve never done a headstand on the wire in public, and I’m training for that. I want to re-create that walk.”

Peacock Productions President and GM Sharon Scott tells TVNewser the company hopes to be a part of Wallenda’s next big stunt. “We love the partnership with Discovery and we now have a shorthand between our teams when it comes to big, live events like ‘Skyscraper Live.’ Peacock Productions would be thrilled to continue our collaboration with Nik Wallenda’s next endeavor,” Scott says.