Shuttle: Scrubbed; CBS Breaks The News

By Brian 

> Update: 3:35pm: Was NBC/MSNBC first with this? “NASA tells senators that the earliest the shuttle could launch is Monday.”

CBS beat everyone else by six minutes with the shuttle delay news, according to a tipster.

> Update: 2:20pm: Fox News was the first cable net to report the news, at 1:33. MSNBC followed at 1:34 and CNN was last at 1:36pm. ABC News Now reported it at 1:33pm — Hari Sreenivasan delivered the news live from Cape Canaveral.

> Update: 3:30pm: An insider asks: “Is Klein still strutting like a peacock after getting beat on a story CNN was supposed to be all over?”

NBC and ABC both aired special reports by 1:44pm. Fox offered an optional cut-in for affiliates at 1:41pm, an e-mailer says.

> 1:28pm: CBS NEWS is standing by to go on the air with a possible Special Report with news on the Space Shuttle Discovery.”

> From an e-mailer: “Exact times of breaking news e-mails about the shuttle’s launch being scrubbed for today: 1:36:50 / 1:38:31 / 1:47:56. I remember back when CBS’ alerts were the last ones to be sent out, by FAR. Now they seem to be more on top of everything.”