Shock Poll: Which Cable Viewing Audience Favors Which Candidate?

By SteveK Comment

Rasmussen has released the results of their newest poll focused on the likely voting habits of cable TV viewers. Strangely, Fox News viewers support Sen. Barack Obama and MSNBC viewers are behind Sen. John McCain.

Just kidding. Supporting the conventional wisdom, the poll found 87% of FNC viewers as “likely to vote,” for McCain, while 65% of CNN viewers and 63% of MSNBc viewers favor Obama.

Some other findings:

• 50% of those polled say they watch cable news during the week, with 26% watching it daily.

• McCain holds an edge over viewers who watch cable news of any kind “at least once a week.”

• 71% of those watching ABC’s World News plan on voting for Obama, with 70% for the CBS’ Evening News and 67% for the NBC Nightly News.

And how about whether reporters are favoring Obama or McCain? Click continued to see those findings…

A separate Rasmussen poll last month found more people think reporters favor Obama than McCain.

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey…found that 49% of voters believe most reporters will try to help the Democrat with their coverage, up from 44% a month ago. Just 14% believe most reporters will try to help McCain win, little changed from 13% a month ago. Just one voter in four (24%) believes that most reporters will try to offer unbiased coverage.