Shister Says Farewell To Column

By Brian 

It’s a sad day: Gail Shister is saying farewell to her column.

  “Sadly, the economic realities of the newspaper business are such that the staff of The Inquirer, my journalistic home for 27 years, has been hard hit by layoffs and buyouts.

We no longer have the bodies to cover every beat as we did in the past.

To this reporter, it means The Inquirer doesn’t have the luxury of a daily, staff-written column about TV. Other areas are hurting, too, and their need for reporters is even more dire.

Think of it as a media ER. All emergencies are important, but they must be triaged by immediacy and threat to life….”

Shister says “though I’ll do more feature stories about popular ‘water cooler’ shows, I will not — repeat not — abandon TV news…”