Shepard Smith is Ready for the Big Game

By Jordan Chariton 

SmithAt 3:30pmET this afternoon, Fox News’ Shepard Smith will be channeling his inner rebel.

The host will be in the stands at the Ole Miss-Alabama game, rooting for the former’s victory. Smith spoke to SBNation yesterday about how big the stakes are for this weekend’s SEC

There’s never been — I can’t think of a more important week in my 50 years in this town. And we’ve never had the kind of demand that we have. You know, double the stadium size will be in town this weekend. Most people won’t get inside. With “GameDay” here, and with CBS here with the game of the week and so many celebrities, it’s insanity. And it’s good for Oxford. I think, finally we’re ready for this. A lot of times, when we’ve gotten to the big moment — the [2003] LSU game under Eli [Manning] on campus comes to mind, and the [2009] South Carolina game when we were No. 4 — we hit those big moments, and they were too big for us. I think we’re past that. I think we’re ready.