Shelley Ross “The TV News Version of Meryl Streep in ‘The Devil Wears Prada'”

By SteveK 

The Los Angeles Times’ Scott Collins writes about the newest incarnation of CBS’ The Early Show, post-Shelley Ross.

Collins describes the exit of Ross earlier this month, writing that CBS News & Sports president Sean McManus,’ “memo announcing her departure didn’t even bother with a pro-forma expression of appreciation for her efforts or make up a reason for her exit.”

Collins contacted Ross for the article, and expressed surprise when, “she didn’t thunder, threaten or filibuster, instead declining any comment on her recent travails, polite as a Sunday-school teacher.”

He also made a suggestion on how the show can move from third place in the network morning news ratings battle. He writes that new addition to the team, Maggie Rodriguez, should be the focus. “They need to set her loose and build the program around her. It couldn’t be much worse than what they’re doing now,” he writes.