Shawn Doesn’t Accept UN Official’s Apology

By Brian 

This morning on Fox News Radio, Fox News U.N. correspondent Eric Shawn responded to Mark Malloch Brown‘s criticism of the network. (Earlier this week, the United Nations official said FNC Is one of the world body’s “loudest detractors.”)

“I’m insulted, I’m incensed, I’m offended!,” Shawn said. “He’s wrong. They don’t want the truth to come out. The fact is, I am an objective reporter. My book has just the facts, mam, thank you, about what’s wrong with the U.N. and the problems. And I don’t think they want the truth out.”

Johnny Dollar’s Place has the audio. Shawn said Malloch Brown has apologized to Fox News. “Personally, I don’t accept his apology,” Shawn said… “He said, if people took at it as a negative against Fox News, he didn’t mean it that way. I apologize. He watches Fox News all the time. I want him to apologize for the victims of the Sudan. I want him to apologize to the victims of the U.N…”