‘Sharknado’ Takes Over Social Media, TV News

By Alex Weprin 

Last night, a storm of epic proportions took over the Internet. A storm filled with sharks. Yes, Syfy’s original movie “Sharknado” managed to transcend the world of kitschy B-movies and become a mainstream phenomenon. Even TV news personalities got involved.

The ratings, however, left something to be desired. 1.4 million tuned into the spectacle, which is about average for a Syfy original movie.

That didn’t stop the buzz, however. This morning, NBC’s “Today” even had the anchors read some of their favorite lines from the film (NBCUniversal owns Syfy). Where else can you hear Matt Lauer talk about throwing bombs into a tornado?


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On CNBC (an NBCUniversal channel), they asked a Weather Channel (also an NBCUniversal channel) meteorologist to talk about the plausibility of Sharknadoes, before interviewing an executive from Syfy (an NBCUniversal channel). Synergy!