Shanghai TV ‘Very Reminiscent of an American Cable Newsroom’

By Chris Ariens 

The studio and newsroom for Dragon TV in Shanghai, China

He may be on vacation, but Kevin’s still got TV news on the brain.

Midway through his two-week trek through China your TVNewser editor stopped in at the news centers for Shanghai TV and Dragon TV. His dispatch:

Shanghai TV and Dragon TV share a large space in downtown Shanghai in a large TV studio building with Dragon on the ground floor (pictured above) and Shanghai TV on the second floor (pictured below). The newsroom/news desks reminded me of a lot CNBC’s set up in New Jersey. Dragon TV has two sets, one for the day and evening newscasts. It’s very reminiscent of an American cable newsroom, but then there’s the whole fact that this is a communist country and some topics cannot be discussed on air.

Kevin took an overnight train to Beijing where we hope he’ll spend more time touring the city, and not its TV networks.

The studio and newsroom of Shanghai TV in Shanghai, China

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The lobby of the joint Shanghai TV and Dragon TV newscenter.

The newsroom/studio combo is not unlike many American TV news operations.

Dragon TV news producers hard at work, writing the… um… news.

After his tour of Chinese TV, Kevin grabbed a Starbucks.