Sen. Ted Cruz Likes Hannity’s ‘Fearlessness,’ CNN Dana Bash’s Hard, But Fair Questions

By Jordan Chariton 

Texas Senator Ted Cruz has become a media fixture since being sworn into office last year, appearing on various Fox News programs while drawing scorn from many MSNBC hosts.

In an interview with POLITICO’s Mike Allen, Cruz gave his thoughts on the big three cable news networks.

“Unsurprisingly, if I’m watching something, it’s probably Fox News,” Cruz said. “I’m a big Sean Hannity fan. I wouldn’t call him a newscaster necessarily. I think Sean has a fearlessness that is welcome.”

Cruz then gave a “surprising” compliment to CNN’s Dana Bash, who interviewed him last week: “I told her that I appreciated that she’s been willing to ask hard questions of Democrats also and not a lot of reporters do that.”

And on MSNBC, Cruz claimed the network labels conservatives as either stupid, evil, or crazy.