SCOTUS: Round-Up #4

By Brian 

> An FNCer responds to the suggestion that Brian Wilson broke the O’Connor news thanks to the Heritage e-mail: “FNC’s Brian Wilson broke the Justice O’Connor news because of old fashioned, nose to the ground, reporting. Brian has been on this story for weeks and his hard work, reliable sources and sheer determination enabled him to be the very first to report on what you have called ‘The Biggest Story Of The Summer.'” The image on the right was taken by an FNC DC crew outside her home on Monday, June 27…

> “I’ve been waiting down here all week trying to read the tea leaves…This morning there was a definite sense in the air here that something was going to happen,” NBC’s Pete Williams blogs on

> David Brock writes to Roger Ailes: “I am writing to demand that Fox News Channel remove C. Boyden Gray from his position as a Supreme Court analyst. Gray’s involvement as a leading player in the coming Supreme Court nomination battle makes him an inappropriate choice to serve as an analyst for Fox News, and Fox’s failure to disclose Gray’s conflict of interest to its viewers only compounds the problem.”

> MSNBC has scheduled “The Supreme Court: Defining America” for Saturday at 7pm. Chris Matthews will be joined by Jon Meachem and Brian Williams, the press release says…

> Today’s CNN Morning Grind e-mail newsletter — filed prior to O’Connor’s announcement — mourned “the week that wasn’t, a lesson in how the media sometimes makes too little distinction between news and speculation.” Quoting the Hotline, which quotes the Grind: ” ‘We’ve gone out in this limb and proclaimed a SCOTUS-free summer’ which seems to be the one way to ensure that Chief Justice William Rehnquist will announce his retirement, ‘perhaps later this morning. It never fails.’ ”