Schiavo: E-mailer Critiques

By Brian 

> A viewer wonders: “Around 10:50am on CNN, Daryn Kagan said: ‘A few moments ago, there was a moment of silence on the floor of the Florida state House. Let’s listen in to that.’ How do you listen to a moment of silence?”

> From an insider: “Tips started moving around the circle at aprox 9:45 (NBC sent out alerts to stations at about 9:48 that they were watching developments. NBC broke into local programming (commerical) with a special report at 9:56.”

> Johnny Dollar’s Place has posted instant transcript reactions from Fred Barnes, Jay Carney, Martin Frost, Judge Napolitano, John Kasich, Tom Downey, Willie Brown, and more.

> An e-mailer asks: “Anyone notice that the CBS News e-mail alerts are incredibly slow? MSNBC did it at 9:56, CNN at 10:02, and CBS at 10:54. What’s their problem?”

> Jeff Jarvis quotes a post on “And perhaps some mention is warranted that regardless of what her wishes may have ultimately been — I strongly suspect that to spend her dying days at the centre of a media circus was not among them.”