Schiavo Dead: Notes

By Brian 

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> CNN, MSNBC and FNC broke in between 9:52 and 9:54am, an e-mailer says.

> “In terms of network coverage, NBC was first, then ABC, and CBS has yet to come on (WCBS-TV in NY just did their own special report on it since CBS News didn’t do it).”

> CNN International began simulcasting the CNN/U.S. feed at 9:53am.

> The initial cable news net stories:,,

> The broadcast morning shows are updating their West Coast feeds…

> LostRemote is live-blogging the cable coverage. “10:30: Fox News guest alludes to Hitler and Nazi Germany’s starvation of millions of Jews, comparing it to Terri’s death.”

> CNN had planned for this day: “Life and Death: America Speaks Out” will air from 8 to 11pm. Larry King will host the “live, three-hour national conversation about life and death.”