Schedule Shake-Ups As Cablers Cover Obama Newser

By SteveK 

Every major network will cover President Barack Obama’s news conference tonight at 8pmET, which is expected to last the full hour, as will the cablers (and business news networks). How will they shake up their schedule? In very different ways:

• CNN — Wolf Blitzer introduces the news conference, and Blitzer, Campbell Brown, Anderson Cooper and John King will all anchor beginning at 9pmET. Cooper anchors a live, two-hour AC 360, followed by the news conference repeated at MidnightET.

• FNC — Bret Baier anchors on FNC and Shepard Smith on FOX. The O’Reilly Factor will air live at 9pmET, followed by On the Record with Greta Van Susteren. However Van Susteren’s first guest for the entire first half hour will be Sean Hannity.

• MSNBC — Keith Olbermann introduces the newser, followed by The Rachel Maddow Show at 9pmET. Olbermann is back with a live Countdown at 10pmET. A Maddow repeat airs next, with a live Hardball with Chris Matthews at MidnightET.

• CNBC — Chief Washington correspondent John Harwood anchors beginning at 8pmET. CNBC is carrying the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show from 9-11pmET.

• FBN — David Asman anchors.

• Bloomberg — Peter Cook anchors from the White House.

> Update: One more — PBS will take the newser, with Jim Lehrer anchoring.