Sawyer & Vargas On WNT: Chatty?

By Brian 

On Wednesday, ABC News made history. Diane Sawyer made her debut opposite Elizabeth Vargas on World News Tonight, marking “the first time that two women co-anchor an evening newscast,” the Observer noted this week.

“When I saw Diane Sawyer on Wednesday, I was surprised by how chatty the show became: numerous references to what they had discussed in the newsroom,” an e-mailer says. “It was different. I don’t know how I feel about it. And, I wonder how ABC feels about Diane interjecting so much of her personality on a short, daily newscast.”

For example, Sawyer said on Wednesday: “You know, Elizabeth, listening to George [Stephanopoulos], I’m thinking of our conversation in the newsroom today about President Bush and his own hunting mishap…” (Via NewsBusters)

> Another e-mailer asks: “Am I alone in being surprised at the amount of interaction between Vargas and Sawyer?”